About Us

Join the largest Krav Maga family, learn from the best and most effective fighting system available, used by the military, Special Forces and many other military and civilian organizations. IKMF, the international Krav Maga Federation, is the original and most veteran Krav Maga organization. Deployed and active in 87 countries worldwide, IKMF declares its main goal to distribute Krav Maga to all sectors of society, always maintaining a strong sense of family and close ties between its international members.

Here at IKMF Philippines, we make sure that you will be equipped with the proper self-defense needed at any place, at any time. Krav Maga is an Israeli Combat System that is designed to transform your body into a weapon. We are not a sport. Unlike other martial arts, Krav Maga has no rules. The system is based on a person’s natural movements for them to be able to use it in the streets to defend themselves or their loved ones. A key principle of Krav Maga is finishing a fight as quickly as possible, aiming all attacks at the most vulnerable parts of the body. Learn to respond and act as quick as possible with minimal movements whether it is defending against a knife, disarming a gun or just blocking different kinds of strikes. Krav Maga is the best self-defense for any attack.

IKMF Philippines is open to anyone (11 years old and up) who is eager to learn. Trainings is be led by Dindo De Jesus, the Israeli certified highest ranking practitioner, the IKMF Regional Director for Asia and the Country Director/Chief Instructor of IKMF in the Philippines. Our organization offers the highest quality of training to:

1. Civilian
2. Military
3. Police & Law Enforcement
4. VIP Protection
5. Women’s Training
6. Kids Training

Only train with the best! Train Krav Maga and be safe